Oracle Default Username and Password

I have tried to compile a list of USERS provided by Oracle along with their default PASSWORDS. A little description about their purpose and scripts to re-create them is also added as a value add. Hoping that it would be useful for the readers.

User Name Default Password Script (in $ORACLE_HOME) Additional Information
ANONYMOUS ANONYMOUS /rdbms/admin/catqm.sql Allows HTTP access to Oracle XML DB.
APEX_PUBLIC_USER APEX_PUBLIC_USER /apex/apexins.sql The Oracle Database Application Express account
BI CHANGE_ON_INSTALL / BI /demo/schema/bus_intelligence/bi_main.sql Sample Schema
CTXSYS CHANGE_ON_INSTALL / CTXSYS /ctx/admin/ctxsys.sql To administer Oracle Text
DBSNMP DBSNMP /rdbms/admin/catsnmp.sql Used by the Management Agent of OEM to monitor and manage DB
DIP DIP /rdbms/admin/catdip.sql for Oracle Internet Directory-enabled Oracle Label Security
EXFSYS EXFSYS /rdbms/admin/exfsys.sql Used internally and enables us to build complex PL/SQL rules and expressions
FLOWS_FILES FLOWS_FILES /apex/apexins.sql Owns objects created during installation of Oracle Database Application Express
HR CHANGE_ON_INSTALL / HR /demo/schema/human_resources/hr_main.sql Sample Schema
IX CHANGE_ON_INSTALL / IX /demo/schema/info_exchange/ix_main.sql Sample Schema
MDDATA MDDATA /md/admin/catmd.sql Used by Oracle Spatial Feature
MDSYS MDSYS /ord/admin/ordinst.sql The Oracle Spatial and Oracle Multimedia Locator administrator account
MGMT_VIEW MGMT_VIEW /sysman/admin/emdrep/bin/RepManager Used by Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control
OE CHANGE_ON_INSTALL / OE /demo/schema/order_entry/oe_main.sql Sample Schema
OLAPSYS MANAGER / OLAPSYS /olap/admin/amdsys.sql Owns the OLAP Catalog, has been deprecated
ORACLE_OCM ORACLE_OCM /rdbms/admin/catocm.sql Associate the configuration information of Database instance with OracleMetaLink
ORDPLUGINS ORDPLUGINS /ord/admin/ordinst.sql Enables Oracle Database to store, manage and retrieve heterogeneous media data
ORDSYS ORDSYS /ord/admin/ordinst.sql Oracle Multimedia administrator account
OUTLN OUTLN /rdbms/admin/sql.bsq (after recovery) Provides plan stability prevents certain db environment changes from affecting performance characteristics
OWBSYS OWBSYS /owb/UnifiedRepos/cat_owb.sql For administrating the Oracle Warehouse Builder repository
PM CHANGE_ON_INSTALL / PM /demo/schema/product_media/pm_main.sql Sample Schema
SCOTT TIGER /rdbms/admin/utlsampl.sql Sample Schema
SH CHANGE_ON_INSTALL / SH /demo/schema/sales_history/sh_main.sql Sample Schema
SI_INFORMTN_SCHEMA SI_INFORMTN_SCHEMA /ord/admin/ordinst.sql Stores the information views for the SQL/MM Still Image Standard
SPATIAL_CSW_ADMIN_USR SPATIAL_CSW_ADMIN_USR /md/admin/sdocswpv.sql Used by Oracle Spatial CSW Cache Manager to load record-type metadata andrecord instances
SPATIAL_WFS_ADMIN_USR SPATIAL_CSW_ADMIN_USR /md/admin/sdowfspv.sql Used by Oracle Spatial WFS Cache Manager to load all feature type metadata and feature instances
SYS CHANGE_ON_INSTALL /rdbms/admin/sql.bsq (after recovery) An account used to perform database administration tasks
SYSMAN OEM_TEMP /rdbms/admin/sql.bsq (after recovery) The account used to perform Oracle Enterprise Manager administration tasks
SYSTEM MANAGER /rdbms/admin/sql.bsq (after recovery) Default generic database administrator account
WMSYS WMSYS /rdbms/admin/owmctab.plb Used to store the metadata information for Oracle Workspace Manager.
XDB CHANGE_ON_INSTALL / XDB /rdbms/admin/catqm.sql Provides high-performance XML storage and retrieval
XS$NULL /rdbms/admin/sql.bsq (after recovery) Represents the absence of a user in a session

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  1. Dear Nimish,

    Thank you very much for the useful post.

    Could you please clarify me on , If we forgot the SYS account password or any account which have DBA privilege, how to reset/ recover it.


    1. login in windows as administrator, in linux with use as ora_dba group [like that] and simply run following

      sqlplus /nolog
      connect / as sysdba
      ALTER USER sys IDENTIFIED BY "new_password";