Oracle Database 18c XE (Express Edition) is available for download - Top Features

Oracle Database 18c XE (Express Edition) is now available for download. Oracle Database 18c Express Edition is free to use but has CPU, Memory and Storage limits to 2 CPUs and 2GB of RAM. Oracle Database 18c XE supports up-to 12GB of user data. Oracle Database 18c Express Edition gives you the ability to use database completely free for development and embed & redistribute, but remember it is a community supported edition and Oracle Support is not available for it also no patches will be provided for Oracle Database Express Edition.

Oracle Database 18c XE (Express Edition) supports relational database and also supports JSON, XML, Graph, Spatial data. It also includes key database features such as pluggable databases (up-to 3 pdb), in-memory column store, compression, spatial & graph support, encryption & redaction, partitioning, analytic views, and many more.

Apart from these features Oracle Database 18c XE also supports Oracle Application Express (APEX) which is low-code app development platform. We can utilize ORDS and XE for RESTful application development also.

Following is the list of features, available with Oracle Database 18c Express Edition
- Oracle Partitioning
- Query Results Cache
- PL/SQL Function Result Cache
- Materialized View Query Rewrite
- Adaptive Execution Plans
- In-Memory Column Store and Aggregation
- Oracle Advanced Analytics
- Oracle Spatial and Graph
- Online table redefinition and index rebuild
- Flashback Database and Table
- Oracle Advanced Compression
- Oracle Multitenant (Maximum of 3 PDBs)
- Oracle Database Vault
- Fine-grained auditing
- Virtual Private Database
- Cross-platform Backup and Recovery

Following is the list of features, missing in Oracle Database 18c Express Edition
- Parallel Query/DML
- Oracle Tuning and Diagnostics Pack
- SQL Plan Management and Tuning Sets
- Online Datafile Move
- Recovering tables and table partitions from RMAN backups
- Oracle Data Guard
- Oracle On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
- Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC)
- Oracle Sharding
- Oracle Streams
- Oracle NoSQL Database Basic Edition

The complete list of feature available with Oracle 18c Express Edition can be checked here

Oracle Database 18c Express Edition is freely available with following License Agreement
- you may develop, prototyping and running your applications for your own internal data processing operations
- you may also distribute the programs with your applications
- you may use the programs to provide third party demonstrations and training
- you may copy and distribute the programs to your licensees provided that each such licensee agrees to the terms of this Agreement.

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