Analytical SQL - Running Total - Order by without Partition By

Welcome to the third post on the series Analytical SQL. In the first two posts we studied 

In this post we will create a report showing a running total of the complete EMP table in order of HIREDATE. To create a running total for the complete dataset, PARTITION BY is not required, we just need to add ORDER BY in OVER analytic clause
SQL> select d.deptno, d.dname, empno, ename, hiredate, sal,
  2  sum(sal) over(order by hiredate) running_total
  3  from emp e, dept d
  4  where e.deptno = d.deptno;

---------- -------------- ---------- ---------- --------- ---------- -------------
        20 RESEARCH             7369 SMITH      17-DEC-80     800.75        800.75
        30 SALES                7499 ALLEN      20-FEB-81     1600.9       2401.65
        30 SALES                7521 WARD       22-FEB-81       1250       3651.65
        20 RESEARCH             7566 JONES      02-APR-81     2975.5       6627.15
        30 SALES                7698 BLAKE      01-MAY-81     2850.3       9477.45
        10 ACCOUNTING           7782 CLARK      09-JUN-81    2450.45       11927.9
        30 SALES                7844 TURNER     08-SEP-81    1500.95      13428.85
        30 SALES                7654 MARTIN     28-SEP-81    1250.05       14678.9
        10 ACCOUNTING           7839 KING       17-NOV-81    5000.15      19679.05
        20 RESEARCH             7902 FORD       03-DEC-81     3000.6      23630.64
        30 SALES                7900 JAMES      03-DEC-81     950.99      23630.64
        10 ACCOUNTING           7934 MILLER     23-JAN-82       1300      24930.64
        20 RESEARCH             7788 SCOTT      19-APR-87    3000.55      27931.19
        20 RESEARCH             7876 ADAMS      23-MAY-87    1100.01       29031.2
As you can see in above output, data is ordered by HIREDATE, and RUNNING_TOTAL column is calculating SUM from the first row till the current row.


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